Jun. 11th, 2011

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So, I go to the AT&T store the other day because I'm having a problem with my phone. It won't play music or video. So they tell me that I need to do this update thing for the OS that's been out for about a month or so, give me a print out of detailed instructions, and send me on my way...sound simple!!

So I'm sitting here tonight, trying to do the update. I download the program, hook my phone up, and start the update process. Then I get a message....the program is unable to update my phone. I "grr" at the screen, but I'm not too terribly worried. So I unplug my phone from the computer (which is what the thing TOLD me to do) and the entire thing goes black. Now my phone won't turn on and, on the screen is a yellow triangle symbol that just says "Downloading: Please do not turn off device." This is all great and good, except it's been saying this for over an hour and the thing is no longer hooked up.

My phone is officially dead.

I call the 24 hour AT&T support number and get told that I need to take my phone into a service center.

The service center guy is the one who TOLD ME TO DO THIS!!
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So, I woke up in Bitch Mode today. I was all prepared to go downtown and get arrested, trying to get my phone fixed/replaced. Unfortunately, they were NICE! How dare they? I barely had to even tell them what was wrong, before he's interrupting (YES!! He interrupted my finely thought out rant before I even had a chance to get past the whimsical teeter laugh and into the full meat of the story!!! Bastard!!!!_

I showed up down there right after they opened up, thinking to give myself a good three hours wait time before I had to be at work, so I could work myself up into a righteous rage while they kept me waiting and waiting. Assholes called me up right away, then replaced my phone, gave me a fully charged battery, and even set up my email, voice mail, and downloaded apps for me.

Why can't I ever just go somewhere and get awful service? I really needed to work out last night's frustrations with a good long I-will-sue-you-and-your-grandchildren style rant.

Oh well....if I hurry it up, I can get in another episode of Game of Thrones before work.....mostly naked Jason Momoa always cheers me up.


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