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But, I just have to say that, for the first time since I started watching three years ago, they finally made the right decision.

Contrary to what everyone else in the world seemed to think, I believe they chose the better singer. And that's what the competition is really about.

Doesn't hurt that he's hot as fuck!!!!!


May. 19th, 2009 11:18 am
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I'm going to have to pay for an account. I refuse to be limited to 6 icons. And I need my mood theme.

Now, just to wait for loan check to come in....any day now!


Also, tonight is the first part of the two part season finale of American Idol. I am, perhaps, much too excited about this.
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Trixxy, Ryan Seacrest is dissin yo boy.
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Is it just me, or has Simon gotten nicer? I swear to god, if I hear "you're super super talented" come from his mouth one more time, I'm going to show him how talented I am at projectile vomiting.

Mayhaps Paula slipped him a little happy pill before the show.

Wait, nix that...he just kicked someone off. YAY!

I love DVR.
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Right now, the one's I'm liking are:

Girls - Mandisa and Paris, that's about it. The rest are pretty much mediocre and desperately clinging to voices creaking worse than a prepubescent nerd.

Guys -

Um... let's narrow this down.

Looks - Ace, David, Will.

Voice - Ace, Bucky (Only if he's singing. If he's talking, shut him up.), Chris, David, Will.

Some thoughts - cut for spoilers )

OMG!!! Has no one else noticed that David looks like the love child of Bobby Brady and Donny Osmond??? Only cuter.


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