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Is there any way someone could be the bestest person ever and make these two pictures into icons for me? I'll even throw in making them sharable. Thank you!!

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Is there anyone out there that knows how and would be willing to design a LJ layout for me? I'm hopelessly ignorant of the hows and whats and whys of the way this is done.

I've recently become quite obsessed with Wicked, one of the best broadway musicals I've never seen. (not that I've ever seen any, that is)

I have 3, rather small, images that I found in a google image search. I'm not sure if they can be enlarged or shrunk to make the proper graphics or not, but I'm begging for someone to try. I'm posting the images behind the cut below.

Anyone willing to do this for me will have my eternal gratitude. And lots of hugs and stuff.

If you do, you can email the code to me at luvxander at gmail dot com.

Thank you to any heavenly creatures in advance.

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