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I had a little trip to the doctor yesterday.

Seems the meds I was taking to help me lose weight had stopped working completely and I'd started gaining again. Even with the exercising. I'm now on a different pill, which I'm hoping will start showing more results.

I also talked with her about my depression. This past weekend, I scared even myself. I've now got Wellbutrin (sp?) to help with that and her office is calling around for a counselor that my insurance will pay for, to make me an appointment. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I probably need someone to talk to. I've even thought about it myself, and discussed it in earlier posts. But on the other hand, the main reason I haven't gone and done it yet is that I don't even know how to talk to myself about most of the shit in my head, much less to a total stranger.

But anyways.....

A bit of info for anyone out there who A) doesn't know about it, and B) has, like me, more than one computer that they use on a regular basis, and C) uses Mozilla Firefox.

I just downloaded and installed Foxmarks. It's this neat little add-on that you can install and create yourself a name/password, then install on a second computer and it synchronizes your bookmarks. From now on, there'll be no more fumbling around, trying to find a notebook to write all that crap down or anything like that. If I lose my bookmarks for any reason whatsoever, I just hit ctrl-shift-s and pull them back up.

Now, I'm off to work, you guys don't have too much fun without me.


5/16/07 - 336lbs.
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Things you have to believe to be a Republican today.

+ Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton.
+ Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush's daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney did business with him, and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't find Bin Laden" diversion.
+ Trade with Cuba is wrong because the country is Communist, but trade with China and Vietnam is vital to a spirit of international harmony.
+ The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our highest national priority is enforcing U.N. resolutions against Iraq.
+ A woman can't be trusted with decisions about her own body, but multi-national corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind without regulation.
+ The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in speeches, while slashing veterans' benefits and combat pay.
+ If condoms are kept out of schools, adolescents won't have sex.
+ A good way to fight terrorism is to belittle our long-time allies, then demand their cooperation and money.
+ Providing health care to all Iraqis is sound policy, but providing health care to all Americans is socialism. HMOs and insurance companies have the best interests of the public at heart.
+ Global warming and tobacco's link to cancer are junk science, but Creationism and Intelligent Design should be taught in schools.
+ A president lying about an extramarital affair is an impeachable offense, but a president lying to enlist support for a war in which thousands die is solid defense policy.
+ Government should limit itself to the powers named in the Constitution, which include banning gay marriages and censoring the Internet.
+ The public has a right to know about Hillary's cattle trades, but George Bush's driving record is none of our business.
+ Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you're a conservative radio host. Then it's an illness and you need our prayers for your recovery.
+ You support states' rights, but the Attorney General can tell states what local voter initiatives they have the right to adopt.
+ What Bill Clinton did in the 1960s is of vital national interest, but what Bush did in the '80s is irrelevant.

Feel free to pass this on.
Friends don't let friends vote Republican.

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My Brain's Gender )

Not really that much to report lately. Job's going okay, things seem to be settling down between the boss and I, especially now that he knows I'm not against going job hunting and that there are other opportunities out there for me, should I be so inclined.

OH, and while out shopping with my mom tonight, I ran into a lady I worked with about a year or so ago. After doing the catch up thing of 'How are you?' 'What are you up to now?' and everything, she just couldn't stop going on and on about how much better I looked and how much weight I've lost. Made me downright giddy. I couldn't stop smiling. Which made my mom, when I made it back to her, ask how many people I'd managed to maim on my way to the dairy cooler. How fab is that?

I totally hope I really have lost as much as people seem to think I have. I mean, I'm proud of what I've done so far, but 38 pounds in six months isn't really a lot.

One last thing - - - Anyone who's interested, I'm reposting all of my fics over at my new reading/writing journal, [ profile] ceejxan. I've opened that one for my fic communities and am keeping this one for personal use. Though, you will still see fandom stuff all over the place here.

Love you guys.

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Diet update
Starting weight: 346 pounds
Current Weight: 315 pounds
Total Loss: -31 pounds

Your Pimp Name Is...

Pimp Daddy Big Spenda

I wonder if you can get in trouble for leaving work 3 hours early without saying anything to anyone about it.

Me bitching about work )

Now I feel much better, but I'm bored to tears. No one's online since [ profile] ladycat777 had to go shopping. My niece and nephew are down today to visit because we can't make it up there tomorrow for her bday party, but they're both lying down for a nap. My brother and sis-in-law are gone off shopping so they can get xmas stuff while the kids aren't with them. My mom is napping so she can work tonight, I don't speak to the asshole she calls a boyfriend, and Nancy (my best friend) is at her house cleaning. Add to that, all my links and stuff are upstairs on the other computer (which is in the room where the kids are napping) and I can't get to them, so I have nothing to read, and you get one very bored CJ.

Also, I remember there being a purpose to this LJ post, but it's now escaped my mind and the post has become nothing but me boring you with details of my job and bitching about being bored. I deeply apologize for that, but I'm too lazy to use the backspace or delete keys to change anything.

And T minus 3 days and counting before my Yule project is to be posted on excessant and I still only have a page and a half handwritten, and it's not even here at my house. I really don't want to disappoint anyone, but that seems to be all I'm good for these days.

I swear I don't say all this stuff just to get sympathy. I really don't. This is just how I feel about 90% of the time.

Okay, I'm going to run and stop whining about everything now. Feel free to skip this post unless you just WANT to read more of my whining and bitching.
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08/22/05 - 346 lbs.
10/10/05 - 329 lbs.
Total - 17 lbs.

Anyway, Drama Queen here (that would be me) did a whole post earlier today about how depressing my life is. But I found a cure for my depression.

I stopped by the doctor's on my way to work and found out that I've lost 8 more pounds since my last visit.

That makes 20 pounds total weight loss in 7 weeks. Totally lifted my mood and I was able to have fun at work tonight.

Thanks to everyone who commented and wished me well, also to those that might have sent good vibes but didn't get a chance to comment.

Love you guys.

ETA: I got the begining weight wrong. It should have been 347, not 349, so that makes it 18 lbs instead of 20. But still, good huh?

Hoo Hah!!

Sep. 19th, 2005 01:11 pm
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08/22/05 - 346 lbs.
09/19/05 - 335 lbs.
Total - 11 lbs.

I'm quiet pleased with myself.

I didn't report on this to the audience at large when it first happened, because I didn't want to get my own hopes up any. Well, I still don't wanna get my hopes up, but I feel really good today, so I'm going to share.

A month ago, exactly, I had to go back to my doctor for a regular checkup and we discussed my weight loss issues. She told me that when I'd first gone to see her, she'd run as many tests on me as medically possible and saw no medical reason why I couldn't lose the weight. After explaining to her everything I'd tried on my own, and failed at, she gave me a perscription for Adipex, a diet pill that's basically just an appetite suppresant.

I've been taking my Adipex daily for a month now and have lost 12 pounds to date. And this was without any special dieting or exercise at all. Imagine what I'd lose if I walked a couple blocks after dinner each night. Not to mention if I cut out all my sodas. Wait, not ALL my soda. I'm fat, not insane. But maybe I could switch to diet? There's the new Coke Zero out that has zero carbs, zero calories, and zero caffeine. And it tastes good, too. That's what I've been drinking at work, except for the occassional Dr. Pepper..

All in all, I feel pretty happy about the results. She updated my perscription to give me 2 more months worth of refills, then I have to go back to her. I forgot to ask about stopping in now and then to weigh on her scales. I read somewhere that it's best to always use the same scales and I don't want to have to wait 2 months to know if I've lost any more. Would be helpful if I were the kind of fat that can tell when some of it's gone. Unfortunately, I lose one layer, there're several more waiting and they all look alike.

That's all for now. Partly cause my fingers are cramping up, but mostly because I have one more disc left on Stargate SG1 season 7 and I want to get it finished so I can concentrate on Desperate Housewives when it comes in.

Later, guys.


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