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This just came to me, as I was taking a break from reading and staring out my window.

What if Burt actually died when he had his heart attack and everything that's happened after that is just a fantasy that Kurt has made up in his head?

What if Blaine doesn't actually exist (sometimes, he's just too perfect), Kurt and Finn never became "brothers", he an Rachel aren't best friends looking into going to college together in NY?

What if Kurt is actually a very lonely, very depressed individual, barely surviving, and just ghosting his way through his final year of high school, clinging to these fantasies of a nearly perfect life, just so he can still have his father?

Watching TV

Jul. 1st, 2010 12:06 pm
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Glee is a very good show, but as you continue to watch, it seems like more of an extended audition tape than a way to tell a story.
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and I'm now in the middle of episode 5 and I just have to say it....I love Kristin Chenoweth so so so so so much. I'd give and do anything to have her voice.


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