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Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I totally blame [ profile] xanphibian. She has gotten me completely addicted to this hugely epic length crack AU rewrite of the entire HP series. Every moment I'm not at work, and many moments when I AM at work, have been spent devouring this.

I'm actually coming out of it right now to ask you guys for a favor. I remember seeing, and have been told about, Harry/Draco manips. There was one person that was said to be really great at them, but I can't remember the name. Do any of you know where I can find such things? I tried google, but it snapped at me and bit my fingers.

Also, I did this first impressions meme thing. Go over there and talk about me? I'm not asking you to lie, so only stuff about how great and wonderful I am, okay?

And now, I return to the life of Harry and Draco as they embark on the journey of love. Also, they're about to leap into battle against Voldemort. *bites nails*
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I'm thinking of writing my first, and possibly only, Harry Potter fic. The more of it I read, the more this one thing enters my mind, but I want to check my facts first.

Questions under here - There be spoilers for all previous books, maybe. )
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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

I spent WAY too much time last night playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on my Xbox 360. The game's fun, but nowhere near worth the price I would have paid for it if I hadn't already had some in-store credit. I will be returning it. It's highway robbery, what they charge for a game that can be beaten in a single day.

And now, a warning for people on my friends list. I'll most likely be going to see the Order of the Phoenix movie this weekend. I will most likely be talking about it here, in my journal. I WILL use a cut tag for any discussions that are spoilery. So, the warning comes to this. If you click on the cut tag and read what I write down, it's your own fault if you get spoiled.

Same goes for the seventh book when it comes out. I will use a cut tag, along with warnings, so if you click it and read, and wind up getting spoiled, it's your own fault.

/bitching and griping.



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