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Yeah, I woke up about half an hour AFTER the final test taking time at the Personnel board. That means I have to wait, at minimum, another week to go in and apply. And that means that I'm stuck in hell for another week, at least.

Target's application center (they have a little keyboard) wasn't working today, so I can't fill that one out either. But, the good news is that they're opening a new Fed Ex/Kinko store soon, bet they'll need help there.

I'm going to go and find something on my hard drive to watch since it's storming and the satellite went out.
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Welcome to my life. Fire and brimstone are to the left, anything resembling nice and comfy is non-existant.

So, work tonight was crap. First of all, it takes a minimum of 4 people, plus manager, to run a shift at work. The assistant manager scheduled me with 2 workers. Second, she loaded us down with so much work, it would take a full shift three days to complete and expected it to all be done by the end of our shift. Then, about an hour before we closed, the general manager came into the store to pick up something and got completely irrate because, as he said, we hadn't gotten enough of our "list" completed.

I tried to explain that we were extremely short handed tonight and just weren't able to keep up with the workload, what with having so many people in and out of the store as we did. Apparently, that's just "excuses" and I should be able to do without them.

I wanted to scream!!!

This, along with a combination of events this weekend, some of which were, admittedly, my fault, has me in the market for another job. Desperately. Luckily, I found out that the library is currently hiring (thank you [ profile] byakuganchick) and will be going Wed. to apply and take the little typing test they have for you. According to the lady I spoke with on the phone, I should be a shoe-in, considering my experience and the fact that I can type above 60 wpm. Though, I was warned that it's a rather long hiring process, so I may go get something temporary until that happens, because I don't know if I can stand to stay where I am.

ION: I was all settled into bed with my glass of milk and a short(ish) fic to read. I'd just started to get good and drowsy (the really good kind, where you know you're going to have good dreams). Then a comment on one of [ profile] thebratqueen's posts made me squirt milk out of my nose. I'm awake now.

I think I'll pull out another fic to read. Since the Xander fic I've been following hasn't been updated yet (eyes she who knows she is eyed).

G'night all.


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