May. 8th, 2007 12:35 pm
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How on earth did I forget about Heroes?????
I got home at a reasonable hour last night (midnight 30), but for some reason it didn't hit me that it was Monday night. Maybe because, what with the boss on vacation, it didn't feel like a Monday?

Anyway, all those hours lost, playing World of Warcraft, when I could have watched Heroes and gone to bed happy, if somewhat anxious as I do.

By for now, I'm off to watch Peter be luscious.

ETA: Meanwhile, where is everybody? Don't you know you aren't allowed to be at work when I'm home all by myself?
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How can they just leave it like that?

Spoilers for Heroes 1x05 and possibly earlier eps ) it spoilery to say that I want to see Isaac jump on Peter and fuck him through the floor?

Anyone have, or could possibly make, some slashy Peter/Isaac icons? Or just Heroes icons in general? I've looked around at a couple of Heroes comm's, but the icons there didn't really grab me. You guys on my flist? Your icons ALWAYS grab me. Come on, someone must want to make an icon that will inspire me to write Peter/Isaac smut fic.


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