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Today, I spent a great day hanging out with Sonja, helping her out with rearranging her bedroom furniture. Then I went over and hung out with Margaret for a while and we watched some good movies. We started out with popcorn and the movie Latter Days, which she had never seen. Then we went out and got pizza and ate that while watching The Curiosity of Chance, a movie I highly recommend. I seriously love this movie and believe that everyone should see it, so I'm posting the trailer. In fact, I'm adding all the trailers for movies we watched tonight.

We also saw the movie Edge of Seventeen. As you can tell, I have a bit of a fondness for coming of age gay stories. Plus, most of them are very romantic and/or aww inspiring.

And now I'm going to get a shower and curl up with a really good book. I finally got my copy of The Last Olympian, fifth book in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. I hope it's as good as the others, because they were great.

Ta, everyone!

Latter Days:

The Curiosity of Chance:

Edge of Seventeen:
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It's gonna be HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know, I haven't posted or been online in a while. I'm sorry, to those of you who care, but work has been awful. Remind me again why I work retail? The good news is that the working conditions have improved a good bit since the Assistant Manager from hell got transfered to another store. The bad news is, we've all been having to pull extra hours because, a) we always have extra hours at christmas and b) we're a manager short until after the holidays.

What brings me here tonight is something that I can only describe as a public service announcement and which, I'm sure, will (or should) earn me enough karma points to ascend to nirvana my first go around.

I was sitting around tonight after work, bored as hell. So I went over to, where they have this nifty 'watch instantly' feature you can use. I thumbed through the horror section and came upon this movie called, The Wolves of Kromer. Never before have I hated a movie with so much passion. It was like a train wreck. I was offended by it's very existence, it was so bad. And this is saying something. I've liked movies before that other's thought were utterly disturbing in their awfulness.

The actual review I left?

"I rated this movie one star simply because there was no option for a negative rating. The only thing that can be considered 'horror' about this movie is the fact that it was made. I've never seen anything this awful in my life. The acting is atrocious, the writing is horrible, and my 8 year old niece has directed better works in her bathtub using nothing but rubber duckies."

And that was me being nice. Of course, it has yet to show up on their site, so I'm not holding my breath that it'll be seen.

In related news: I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I want to stay home and play. My laptop, Daniel, died on me. Thanks to my mom loaning me some money until payday, Daniel was able to be reborn in the form of a much better laptop and I just installed my PC version of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

*sigh* I guess I should get to bed though, since they don't accept playing games as a reason to miss work. (they so should)

But, before I go, here's a meme I stole from [ profile] jacklemmon

Band Name: Victor deGrazia
Album: Hugues-Bernard Maret, duc de Bassano

1. The Islamic Society of Central New York
2. 155th Street (IND Concourse Line)
3. 1631 in music
4. Spellbound
5. Dymock
6. Saint-Marcellin
7. Southport Lord Street railway station
8. James Henry Carleton
9. Mohawk Upper Castle Historic District
10. Johann Haller
11. Luis Martínez (boxer)
12. Dang Wangi LRT station
13. M-Kids
14. Brea Olinda High School
15. Le Rêve du Diable

So, what do you think? Clasical Grunge?

The only thing I learned from this meme is that soft cheese should never have a runny center. In fact, no cheese should have a runny center unless it's been microwaved and poured over nachos.
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And no, not the trailer park kind.

I just wandered over to watch the Ironman trailer.

I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed that Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony Stark. I've never been a fan of Downey's, and was never a huge fan of Ironman. So now it's looking rather like I'll not be seeing this movie.

But, has a great selection of movie trailers for just about everyone.

[ profile] byakuganchick - remember how you complained that the Beowulf movie looked too animated for you? That's because the entire movie is CGI. I'm thinking it may be a renter, what do you think? I have to go get ready for work. But thankfully, I'm off tomorrow.


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