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Title: Gun Control
Author: CJ
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Feedback: Yes, please.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective creators, none of whom are me.
Warnings: None, just plain schmoop.
Author’s Note: Huge thanks go out to [ profile] eternalmusings and [ profile] betagoddess. Without these two gems, nothing I write would ever be readable. Thank you both. Any mistakes found within are entirely mine. Most likely because I was too stubborn to listen to the advise of those who know better.

”Gun )
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You know, you'd think you'd get the hint when an Asgard completely ignores you. I mean, they talked to Kinsey, for Pete's sake (who's Pete?). But not Kavanagh. No, he just keeps right on going.

Hermiod: Dr. Kavanagh.
Dr. Kavanagh: Yes?
Hermiod: Please. Stop. Talking. *dramatic pause* Thank you.

Gotta love that Hermiod. Muttering Asgardian obsenities under his breath, most likely calling all the stupid humans every name he can think of and then some. He's such a dear.

But why on earth must Kavanagh be such a whiny little bastard? OMG!! He's worse than my neice when she thinks her brother's got a bigger piece of cake than she does.


I wonder about those prop people sometimes. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of McKay's scientific equipment looks like debit machine's with stuff pasted on them?


I love Dr. Novak. She's just so freakin cool.


It feels strange to see Teyla in a dress. I don't think I've seen her in anything other than her military outfit or her native looking garb since the show started, though I could be wrong. Beautiful voice, too.


Um...if the city has been underwater for 10,000 years, up until just 2 years ago, how do they have trees? Watch this episode again, Critical Mass, and look out the window behind Teyla while she's singing near the end, right after they put the access codes in. There's a big ole oak tree out there.


And Weir's just now realizing that humans have in-fighting issues? I'm not sure if she's incredibly naive, or if she's been hitting the sauce for the majority of her adult life.


And that's tonight's episode. I'm now going to bed so I can get up and go to work tomorrow. yippee!
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We try to fight them off. Entire armies. Spilling out of Volkswagons. But...they just keep sending them in.

I don't think I've laughed so hard at anything in my life.
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Fics I've read today and thoroughly recommend.


Marked by [ profile] kellifer_fic

Summary: “Can I… I mean, can I… see it?”


LeavingTime by [ profile] janedavitt

Summary: A mission goes wrong, leaving Daniel dying and Jack ready to doanything to save him, no matter what the consequences. Dark. Jack/Daniel NC17 31,000 words.

No Harm Done by [ profile] janedavitt

Summary: Not at all serious, plausible, or anything along those lines. Spanking PWP - - - Fabulous ficlet in 3 parts that is set after the season 3 episode Maternal Instinct.


I started reading a crossover fic by [ profile] kaygrr that crosses BtVS with X-Men (movieverse) - Survivors Xander/Logan/Scott. It's up to the 6th chapter and is going wonderfully.

Now, you can all go read, I'm going upstairs to watch a couple episodes of Jack staring at Daniel's ass. I'm still hoping he'll work up the courage to pin Daniel to the shower room wall before he departs for his replacement, both on the show and in Daniel's bed it seems, Cameron.


Mar. 15th, 2006 01:49 pm
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Stargate: Atlantis ep 1x12 - The Defiant One

I just started watching this episode, but I had to share this. Even though everyone I know has probably seen it already, I'll still cut it for spoilers because I know at least 1 person hasn't.

Read more... )

Okay, it was a reference to parental stuff, but still... GAH!! Sheppard is just teh hottestest.

Yes, [ profile] winterlive, I'm going to start back to watching Supernatural soon. Next week most likely. I just have so much Stargate and Veronica Mars to get caught up on too.

*bites nails*

Anyone know how to clone your brain, watch several television shows, then put yourself back together with full knowledge of all events? Damn, I shoulda married Rodney. *gasp* No one tell Xander I said that.


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