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I have three finals to study for, a 6 page investigative scientific report on the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens to do, and five chapters of a textbook to highlight....yet I'm sitting here watching old reruns of Grey's Anatomy because I just can't be bothered with all that other stuff.
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I was looking for fic to read and, logically, turned to the fic rec tags of my flist peeps. So, yes, I totally blame [ profile] turnonmyheels for my now feverish desire to watch the entire second season of Gossip Girl. In fact, I've just gotten back from a friend's house where I went over on the pretense of hanging out, but in reality was downloading her DVR eps to my flashdrive.

Have I mentioned that I love those people who get the good, expensive DVR's that cut out commercials and the like?

Now I'm frustrated because I finally have all the eps on my laptop, but I can't watch one because I'm supposed to meet another friend at the theater in just over half an hour to watch Star Trek, FINALLY!!!

Remind me again, why did I seek out an active social life? All it does is interfere with my TV schedule.
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This is what my TV viewing schedule looks like, as of right now, for the coming fall season of 2009-2010.

All times are Central:

9pm: Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

7pm: Heroes (NBC)
8pm: One Tree Hill (CW)

8pm: Melrose Place (CW)

9pm: Eastwick (CW)

7pm: The Vampire Diaries (CW)
8pm: Supernatural (CW)

7pm: Smallville (CW)
8pm: Dollhouse (FOX)

Granted...most of these will probably be recorded for watching on the weekend.


In other news, After today, I am officially registered for classes in the Mitchell College of Business at the University of South Alabama. YAYYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!

My class schedule....once again, all times are Central:

8:00am-9:55am: History 101, Western Civilization
10:20am-12:00pm: Math DS082
12:40pm-2:35pm: Psychology 120

8:00am-9:55am: History 101, Western Civilization
10:20am-12:00pm: Math DS082
12:40pm-2:35pm: Psychology 120
5:30pm-7:45pm: English Comp 102

8:00am-9:55am: History 101, Western Civilization
10:20am-12:00pm: Math DS082
12:40pm-2:35pm: Psychology 120

8:00am-9:55am: History 101, Western Civilization
10:20am-12:00pm: Math DS082
12:40pm-2:35pm: Psychology 120
5:30pm-7:45pm: English Comp 102

8:00am-9:55am: History 101, Western Civilization
12:40pm-2:35pm: Psychology 120

Of course, since this is Summer Semester, I'll only be following this complete schedule for the first 4 weeks. For weeks 5-8, I'll only be taking Math and English.
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How come no one told me there wasn't going to be an episode of SGA this week? I'm just stunned. I wasn't home last night due to family obligations, but today, when I went to check my DVR, I was all excited. After weeks of feeling all blah about this season and having emotionally detached myself from the characters due to the pending cancellation, I was actually excited to see the next episode.

Only there wasn't one!!! My DVR is blank, except for 3 episodes of Ben 10 that I will get to eventually, I promise.

No SPN, no Smallville, and now no SGA? I just don't have a clue what to do with myself.

And the first person that says "write" gets slapped. I've tried writing, but I'm blocked up. I've even pretty much stopped reading fanfic altogether to see if that would help and nothing. But don't worry, I'm not giving up on this fic. I just have to wait until this block goes away.

And now, I shall go watch Ugly Betty reruns, since there's nothing else on.

P.S. Also, don't say "watch Chuck" either. I had them all downloaded, but they somehow got deleted. I'm having to contact iTunes and see if there's someway I can get them all again without having to pay double.
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I got the first few discs of the first season of Brothers & Sisters today. I am so thoroughly addicted to this show. For so many reasons, I just don't want to take the time to list them all. My favorite reason, though, is because of gem lines like this....

Senator MacAllister: No, I understand. You want to get to know me better before you consider the job.

Kitty Walker: Yes, I do....what's the gun for?

Senator MacAllister: We're Republicans. It's foreplay.

I don't even understand all the reasons that line made me laugh.

But then, it could also be because my brain is so fried...
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I freaking love House. The show, that is. As for you think Chase still has his priest uniform? *happy squirms*
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For those that might be interested, this is what I'll be watching this fall.

(all times are central time - this schedule doesn't take into account mid-season replacements or any shows I might want to see that I haven't found yet.

8pm - Heroes (9/24 - NBC)

7pm - Cavemen (10/02 - ABC)
8pm - Reaper (9/25 - CW)

7pm - Pushing Daisies (10/03 - ABC)
8pm - Bionic Woman (9/26 - NBC)

7pm - Smallville (9/27 - CW)
8pm - Supernatural (10/04 - CW)

9pm - Stargate Atlantis (9/28 - Sci Fi)
9pm - Moonlight (9/28 - CBS)
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Flipping through channels tonight, trying like hell to find Comedy Central, I came across one of my biggest guilty pleasures. TV movies based on Danielle Steele's novels. WE Channel was/is showing Secrets, the story of the cast of a producer's new TV soap called "Manhattan".

Guess who was one of the young male leads!!! Ben Browder. Yes, indeed, Mr. Cameron Mitchell himself, with the 1980's fluffy, feathery coiffure. I laughed until I nearly peed my pants. But, to his credit, it does prove that he can act without Claudia Black's presence.
Now, I'm off to read the flist. I'll report back about my day a little later, after I've watched tonight's Stargate's.
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I know I've been absent a lot recently. It's mostly due to stress with work and the hunting of a new job. I have a promising lead on one that's much better than my current, with better pay. So please, if you would be so kind, keep your fingers crossed for me.

What I'm actually posting about is this:

I've had very little free time recently, but what I have had has been devoted to getting caught up on some of the shows I love. One of which is The 4400 on USA. I just recently got the second season DVDs and started the first episode. It seems that Summer Glau from Firefly is guest starring as this episodes Returnee. She plays a mental patient who convinces other patients to help her build a machine, the designs for which were implanted in her head during her disappearance.

I'm uber-excited about this. And according to IMDb, she's going to be in another episode, The Ballad of Kevin and Tess. I can't wait. I love her acting, she always so much fun to watch.

Going to run and watch the episode now, and then it's off to work. Catch you guys later.
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First and foremost, I just have to squee. I'm going to be sharing a room with [ profile] itsabigrock at [ profile] writercon. You guys are sooooo jealous. With the possible exception of [ profile] itsabigrock, cause really, why would she be jealous? She shares a room with herself all the time. Just imagine guys, I get to be in the same room with the boobies.

I saw the recent posting for the winner of the T-Shirt contest over at Writercon. I hope the guys don't mind, but I made this simple little wallpaper for myself and decided to share, in case anyone else might want to use it, or it might make someone else out there want to make a much better wallpaper design. It was made using Paint, so I'm sure just about anyone could do something better.

click here )

Also, heard this on the radio on the way home tonight. Er...this morning.

What is the technical name for a cow that's just given birth? )

That's about all the news worth telling.

Oh, I'm also still plugging away with my viewing of Stargate. I'm a little more than half way through Season 9, just about to start ep 13. I should be done with that by the end of the weekend, at least. Then I'm moving on to watch Season 2 of Atlantis, which I'm very much anticipating. And after that, it's Season 2 of Veronica Mars and Season 1 of Supernatural. Not necessarily in that order, though the Stargates will be watched before anything else. I should then, at that point, be all set for the new seasons to start. I also want to get all of this season of Charmed and watch them in the order they're meant to be watched, for I've heard that this is to be the final season. I'm feeling kinda bleh about that, though. Which is strange. I've been an avid devotee of Charmed since it began and, last season, hadn't missed so much as a single episode. But, to me, the quality of the show has dropped dramatically. Maybe they felt the end coming and decided to just forget having to be great anymore. I don't know.

The show I'm sad to see ending is Alias. I got addicted to this one about halfway through season 3 and devoured the first 2 seasons on dvd as fast as I could. I've never gotten caught up to the point where I could watch the episodes on a week by week basis as they aired, and I'm grateful for that, actually. I think, considering the way they end every episode on a cliffhanger, I'd have either pulled out my hair or killed someone by now.

I'm following alone with Smallville via DVD releases only. I've found that I can only watch this show in spurts, and the DVDs are great for that. I couldn't watch this one all the time, week to week. The heavy amount of inconsistencies between the actual Superman mythos and this show makes me want to tear my eyes out and eat them like grapes. I've been a lover of the Superman comics since I was a child. I weep sometimes for what they're doing to this institution. That being said, the show, on it's own, would be a wonderful show, if only I weren't distracted by these things. It doesn't hurt that I'm not a James Marsters fan, outside of Buffy. I know I'll probably have stones thrown at me, but I just don't find him to be that great of an actor anymore. It's like he was born to be Spike and, to me at least, he'll never be able to make me believe he can be anyone else.

Okay, that's enough information on my boring life. Move along now.

No, seriously. My hands are cramping, go bug someone else.
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Fics I've read today and thoroughly recommend.


Marked by [ profile] kellifer_fic

Summary: “Can I… I mean, can I… see it?”


LeavingTime by [ profile] janedavitt

Summary: A mission goes wrong, leaving Daniel dying and Jack ready to doanything to save him, no matter what the consequences. Dark. Jack/Daniel NC17 31,000 words.

No Harm Done by [ profile] janedavitt

Summary: Not at all serious, plausible, or anything along those lines. Spanking PWP - - - Fabulous ficlet in 3 parts that is set after the season 3 episode Maternal Instinct.


I started reading a crossover fic by [ profile] kaygrr that crosses BtVS with X-Men (movieverse) - Survivors Xander/Logan/Scott. It's up to the 6th chapter and is going wonderfully.

Now, you can all go read, I'm going upstairs to watch a couple episodes of Jack staring at Daniel's ass. I'm still hoping he'll work up the courage to pin Daniel to the shower room wall before he departs for his replacement, both on the show and in Daniel's bed it seems, Cameron.
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I know Alias has fallen in popularity, but someone out there must watch it, right? Does anyone know when the new episodes will start airing again? I've searched and searched, but all I can find is the airdate of the last new episode and that the next was TBA as of Feburary 22nd. They've kind of left this storyline way up in the air and I'm starting to get a crick in my neck, I want it resolved.
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Click here.

And the dogs ain't too bad either. I've loved David Boreanaz for a long time, but now I love him even more. What a wonderful cause to see him attached to.

Speaking of DB, just finished watching the latest episode of Bones. So many thoughts, but I've never been one of those people who can sit down and write out a detailed critique of a show. I just can't seperate my personal feelings from my impersonal observations.

But I will say this, there is so much Booth/Zack chemestry going on here. Just how long is it apropriate to hold a hand when shaking it, anyway? It's not my imagination that there was an extended handshake and serious eye contact, is it? And after seeing Zack in nothing but a towel and, having seen David in even less over the years, we can all get the images from that can't we?

mini spoiler )

Otherwise, my day seems to have gone good. No new updates on the co-manager thing, although I was informed today that my numbers had been given a security upgrade in the computers to enable me to perform voids and returns at the registers because of christmas shopping season and there not being enough managers to cover the entire store.

Ah yes, I seem to have caught this short-lived virus thing that's going around, had to leave work early today. Came home about noon and just lazed around until after my neice's bday party, then I lay down for a couple hours. Now I feel fine-ish, just really tired.

Have a fic that might, maybe, be posted soonish. Maybe. Get it back from beta and we'll see if it's anything other than utter trash.

I'm going to head out and finish up this level of the Buffy game, then I'm gonna go to bed early. I'll see you guys later.


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