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Today was pretty much uneventful. There was no sleep to be had last night, as we started cooking and didn't stop until everything was done. At which time we opened gifts.

I got a set of really nice stereo headphones that I'd been looking at in the store but couldn't afford (my old headphones were literally falling apart) and a 3 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. I also know that my friend Nancy got me a Bah Humbug t-shirt with Grumpy Dwarf on it and a pair of sweats for when I get over to her house (probably tomorrow).

After opening gifts and eating dinner, I passed out and slept until 8pm tonight.

Now I'm watching Criminal Minds, having decided to go on into season 2 after all. Reid is getting cuter, Morgan and Hotch are getting hotter, Garcia is getting funnier, JJ is getting more lines, and Gideon is getting on my nerves (and I can't even really explain why). Also, I do not like Elle's new hair. Cutting and dying such really pretty hair should be a crime.

Now, off to watch. Ta!
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I've now seen all of season 1, except for the finale. I'm kind of apprehensive about watching it, because I've been spoiled about a couple of things. Also, because I know what happens to Elle in season 2 and I don't want her to go away (this is a rare case where I actually like everyone on the show), so I'm kinda putting off moving on to the second season.

In the meantime, I've found a really good, longish Morgan/Reid fic. If anyone's interested, it can be found here.

And now, to bed. Merry Christmas, y'all.
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I've found myself a pairing in the Criminal Minds fandom. I'm not sure how much there is out there for them, but I've already found some good fics, thanks to [ profile] kaygrr.

So peeps, if you will, I was hoping you'd rec me all your favorite Morgan/Reid fics. Any length is fine but, as always, longer is better.


Also..can anyone point me at some CM icons?

ETA: Also willing to be tempted by Hotch/Reid fic.
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Where my peeps at?


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