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I got a package in the mail today from [ profile] sam_gamgee. Thank you sooooo much. You have a knack for picking out books I'll love. And the gift card will come in very handy.

*huge hugs*

Ah yes!

Dec. 17th, 2005 01:27 pm
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I just remembered the point to my previous post.

I was going to let everyone know that all my Xmas cards are now sent out. If you requested one, it is either there already, or should be getting there shortly.

Also, those of us that made the agreement on the Xmas gifts, your's went out in the mail today. I hope you get them soon, really hoping for before Xmas. Also, I'm really hoping that you like them. I went shopping with the perfect gifts in mind, but upon arriving at the store, drew a complete and total blank on what to purchase. I did manage to find gifts that fit what I know of your interests though.

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Just thought I'd pop on and put this offer out there into the nether.

Anyone who'd like a christmas card from me, just respond here to let me know and you can either leave your mailing address in the comment, or send it in a private email to luvxander @ gmail [dot] com.

Thanks all.


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