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That whole hurricane/tropical storm thing they've been warning us about. Yeah, that was huge. oooo, it rained. There was wind. Come on, this is Mobile, Alabama....if there's a day without wind and rain, THAT'S when we call the National Guard. Yet people were still freaking over it. Whatever! Just get out of my way and continue your freak out.

In other news, there is no news really. My life is dreadfully boring. I'm mostly just biding my time until True Blood starts up again.

The search for a part time job still continues. Classes are going pretty good, anxiety over Algebra not included.

Oh, we got the announcement for our Computers project today. WTF? We had over a month to work on project 1, we have less than 3 weeks to do project 2? And project 2 is WAY more difficult than project 1? Are you freaking kidding me?

Oh oh oh oh!!!! V is tonight!! I can't wait. I know there's only been 1 episode so far, but I have loved V since I was wee little bitty, and this re-imagining is like letting my wee little bitty self free in a big ass candy store with no limits.

Anyone have any V icons that are shareable as of yet?

Please tell me there's someone else out there squeeing over this show with me? Don't leave me hanging people!


Sep. 6th, 2008 03:44 pm
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I has them.

I've been invited, by David, to go see/hear this new local band that I've never heard of before. So we're going to do that, then we're going to have a lots of sex. I asked, he agreed, and I said to go ahead and take a nap, cause he's not getting any tonight. Sleep, that is.

woohoo!!!! I gotta go get a shower now. Catch you guys later.
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I'm at work. My sanity is only saved by the fact that we now have free wifi.

Today has just been the most awful day. So, I'm going to do this letter thing that I've seen so many of you do.

Dear redneck trash woman:

It is not MY fault that you waited until after school started to try and get your kid's summer reading books. Of course we're sold out, everyone else has already been in and bought the same damn book!!! Stop screaming at me about MY incompetence when it's clear by the way you keep smacking your kid that you don't really give a damn anyway.

Fuck off,


*copy this to nearly every customer I've had today, changing woman to man as needed*

Dear Employee:

It is not my responsibility to call you and tell you when you have to be at work. If you're too stupid or lazy to check your schedule when it's posted on WEDNESDAY, do not come crying to me that you didn't know you had to work on SUNDAY!!!!

Stop calling me!!!


And, I think that's it. I'll be much more relaxed once my relief manager gets here and I can finally go to lunch.

Sorry for the spam,


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Am I just the laziest person on earth or what?

I finally got some time off work and I've done nothing all day but sit around and watch Gossip Girl.

Also, I haven't updated in a while, but I have been reading the flist. I just haven't really had anything to say.
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I'm hoping someone can help.

Does anyone know where I can find the full version of the original theme song for Veronica Mars?

Please please please?

ETA: Song has been found. Thanks, [ profile] viciouswishes

ION: Today was possibly the most boring day in the history of the world. The satellite is dead, we have no antennae for the TV, so we've been sitting around, staring into space until we decided to ransack the DVD shelf.

And now, it's very late, so I'm going to bed. Have fun guys.
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I was having a wonderful evening. Business was kinda slow at work, we actually got out at a reasonable hour!!, none of the customers were asshats, and I was actually energetic and in a really good mood. Now that I'm home, it's cold, I'm achey, I'm sniffly, and my feet feel like blocks of ice, even though I'm wearing two thick pairs of socks.

Ever had one of those I-want-my-mommy moments? Of course, my mom is right across the hall, but she's driving me insane at the moment, so I'm not going over there.

ION: YAY!!! for DVR. I came home tonight and the new SGA was recorded. Now I'm going to rewatch last weeks episode because, OMGHEADGOSPLODEY!!!, and then I'm going to watch last night's. Wheee!!!

Do they arrest you for abuse of the exclamation point?

Night guys, have fun.

P.S. I really need a 'bad day' icon. Anyone know where to find one? Preferably with Sam Winchester in it?
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So, I've watched all the episodes of Chuck that are available, at least until after the strike, and I've recently gotten my hands on all the episodes of Jake 2.0, which I just finished watching the first episode of.

The trend? Apparently, if you want to be a top covert super agent, working for the government, you must be early to mid 20s, cute, and never brush your hair. Also, you must be completely useless in social situations.

A friend of mine is loaning me the episodes of the Sci Fi miniseries Taken to watch, anyone out there seen this? If so, is it any good? I read the book, not sure which came first, the book or the show, but the book was very good.

ION: After having spent the entire weekend, with the exception of a short day Sunday, off work, I find myself in the situation of actually looking forward to work tomorrow, just so that I'll have something to do. I will, of course, completely change my mind when I have to wake up in just under four hours.

Some things I have learned over the course of this weekend? Going to Bumpers and playing pool while drinking is a great thing to do. Must convince friends that we need more nights like this. Rockband is an extremely great thing to play when your smashed. Even more so when you're sober and you find out that you're not as good at it anymore.

Crossing fingers that I get Guitar Hero 3 for my birthday!! I can't wait to piss people off by playing that at 4:00am.

And now, to bed I go. Have fun guys.
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And not the good kind, either.

In the last 3 and a half hours, I have cleaned um...most of my place. The rest will just have to wait until this weekend, I'm much too worn out right now to finish.

Is anyone else not receiving messages from LJ, or is it just me? I went to the notification area earlier and turned on birthday announcements, so it's possible that I screwed something up, I'll check that too.

Now, I'm off to get a shower and see if I can find some dinner. *crosses fingers that a pizza magically appeared in my oven and I won't have to cook*

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New manager started work today. He seems to be doing fine, except he kept getting verklempt because he couldn't find stuff. I found out quickly that he doesn't want you to tell him where it is, he wants to find it himself. I find that to be a waste of time and it kills my soul.

And now, since I can think of nothing else postable at the moment, I bring you a list of the things I've thought about on a long and boring work shift tonight.

*I wish I knew how to do bulletin points*

1. pretty boys are pretty.

2. ugly boys are not pretty.

3. ugly boys can be made pretty by the placement of a bag over face.

4. this doesn't work unless the body is pretty.

5. morons should be shot.

6. repeatedly.

7. with a very big gun.

8. i like Xander.

9. a lot.

and that's about it. I didn't even come up with any new plot bunnies today, that's how boring it was. I even vacuumed the store, before being told to do so. OMG!!
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Hells above, you guys are a talkative lot. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I love that you talk and don't mind me reading, cause it makes me feel like I'm a part of your lives, even if you don't know me. And that makes it almost bearable to be living in Alabama.

Plus, [ profile] entrenous88 wrote more of Temporary. Which, in fact, is NOT written especially for me, but I like to pretend. And one day, I will manage to give her a multi-chapter Xander/Andrew bunny, and also a multi-chapter Xander/Graham bunny. Cause her talent, cut loose on those pairings? *droooooooooooool*

And more of the Xander/Riley would be just as pleasing to the libido eyes as well.

I promised myself that I was going to write tonight. I have the opening lines to a loverly Xander/Andrew, possibly Xander/someone else that's definitely human, running around in my brain. But it's way too late and I'm way too tired to be understandable at all. I will write down the basic idea, so I won't lose that, and hope that I can come back to it tomorrow evening or such and pick it up. It's been so long since I've actually felt like writing that I almost feel like going to bed at *squints at clock* 2am is cheating. But, damn, it was a long day.

We upgraded our computers at work last night, from dos to windows 2000. Yes, you heard me right. We were using freaking DOS to run our retail program. This upgrade has our computers freezing up and going "Oh shit, they want us to WORK now." Kinda like how I am when I show up and clock in.

But I think I shall leave it for this evening and run off to dreamland where I can pretend that I was with here tonight, instead of at work.

And for those of you that listen, if you save all of Nick's audioblogs to your computer, then burn them to a cd, they make for excellent going-to-sleep music. Guarantees sweet dreams.

Night all, and I leave you with own little egg. I have no idea what it's supposed to do, other than hatch. After that? It'll just be another little dying neopet that I've abandoned.

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Shhhh! No one tell her, but I've stolen all of [ profile] crazydiamondsue's notes.

ION: Bad day. Very bad day. What ever in my entire life made me decide I wanted to close these few nights to get out of having to do inventory? If I'd had any clue that I'd be the one in charge of getting the store set up in order for them to DO inventory, then cleaning the store up and getting it back into order AFTER inventory, then I'd have jumped right on top of that inventory bandwagon with a "Yes Sir!" firmly entrenched in my heart. Can you imagine having to "pre-count" all the books in a bookstore? I mean, what's the point of even having an inventory team come in and do this, if I have to spend an entire night making sure that every book in the store gets counted? Wouldn't that fall under the heading of redundancy? If I even spelled that word right.

IOON: I'm in need of more McShep recs. I fear that I am heavily taxing the bonds that have developed between me and my straight girlfriend [ profile] eternalmusings. I have been reading the hell out of some McShep fic lately. And every episode that I watch just makes me want more.

You guys love me right? Write me some long, epic McShep fic. I like the whole gamut of emotions. From them first discovering that they like each other, right up to the bondage and s&m, bring it on.

I gotta have my crack fix.


That last line looks a little funny when you're vision is slightly blurry.

I think I shall go to bed now, I have come to the realization that I'm doing nothing but rambling.
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And Now For Something Completely Different, A Tale of Fandom How Tos )

Owww, I hurt so much. Tonight we got very very long night. Huge truck worth of shipment that we had to get sorted and rolled out onto the floor. My third day of being a manager, second day of being in charge on my own, went not great.

First, I messed up one cashier's deposit. I totally forgot to enter her cash when putting her paperwork into the computer. Had to contact IT and get fussed at by them for all the extra work this puts them through with trying to fix our deposit. Then, though they weren't supposed to do anything until morning, they went ahead and did it anyway, making my end of night deposit appear to be over by almost $250. Major fixing to do on that. But, I left it for the GM tomorrow. Then, I hit a wrong button and accidentally shut down the server for our register network, during the middle of a huge rush. I wanted to cry. Called the GM at home in a major panic to see how to fix it, but felt stupid when told that there was a reset button. *eyeroll*

Didn't manage to finish sorting shipment until 11:30pm. Apparently, no one told GM that I'd never run a shipment shift before and had no clue how anything was supposed to be sorted and stacked. Luckily, Aaron was there, and he knew how it was done, so he helped a LOT.

I nearly collapsed at one point because I was much much too busy to stop for lunch. So I grabbed a cup of coffee, that's the good columbian [ profile] obsessedmuch, and went right back to work. Idiot that I am, I'd taken my diet pill anyway and my blood sugar dropped so low that I actually fell because I was feeling so weak. Not hurt though, just feel like an idiot. Must remember to pick up some more snack crackers when I get paid. After renewing my LJ, purchasing user pics, paying the car insurance, paying my mother, gassing up my car, donating to my writercon fund, and praying that I have somewhere to stay at writercon (since I haven't heard from my planned room mate in 40 forevers), I should have just enough for about 3 packs of those crackers. Gonna have to spread those out.

There's a lot more I'd like to say here, but I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, and I'm still weak from not eating. Hopefully, my tea will calm my brain enough for me to get some sleep.

See you guys later.
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Tonight, I got promoted. Again. Second promotion since the beginning of the year. This is good?

I started out this year (and I don't mind telling you guys this, not like I'm bragging) as Cafe Specialist at work, making roughly $14,500 a year. At the end of January, 2 days after my birthday, I got promoted to Co-Manager Cafe, which brought my pay up to $19,000 a year. Today, when I get to work, I get told that I'm being promoted again. This time, to Co-Manager of the entire bookstore, and will be raised up to $20,500 a year. Good news? In under three months I've gone up $6,000 in yearly pay. Bad news? I have to change locations. I can't stay at my present store, #626, and keep the promotion, I have to move over to store #628.

Which isn't really that bad, I just would not pick to work under the General Manager I'm going to be working under. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's a great guy. I've just heard through the grapevine that he's not all that great a manager. And that he doesn't really do anything other than sit on his butt in the office, answering the phone, or showing the occasional customer to a book they want. But, oh well, that's what us Co-Managers get paid the big bucks for, right? And, in the long run, if I don't like where I'm at, it still looks good on a resume that I can take to Barnes and Noble and get paid probably twice what I make now.

And now for the part Lyndee should skip )

Okay, now progress yourselves out of my bedroom antics and on to the fandomish stuff. I have recs for a few different fandoms that I'm involved in.

BtVS/Angel: Ulterior Motives by [ profile] yanagi_wa - A wonderful story that's just getting started. There's the Prologue and Chapter One already up, and it's promising to be a fantastic fic.

Stargate SG-1: The Cost of a Used Spaceship by Marie Blackpool - A truly beautiful story. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I love fics that include the robot SG1.

Stargate Atlantis: General & Dr. Sheppard - For lovers of the long, epic length AU fic. I was given this link just last night, and though I should have gone to bed when I said I was, I kind of got caught up reading this and devoured the entire thing in one sitting. I was a wreck trying to get up for work today, let me tell you.

Supernatural: Don't Know How to Let You Go - OMG!!! I can not stress enough how much I love this pairing. Before this fandom, I'd never really gotten into the whole incest thing (unless you count Xander/Xander). But these two brothers were made to be each other's bitches. I can't say it any better than that.

Hope hope hope you enjoy. I also hope that I can get back to you soon with more recs. But right now, I am foregoing fic to read the second installment in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. You guys should so check out The Lightning Thief. It's a new series by Rick Riordan, and is rumored to be the next Harry Potter. It's that good. I just got the book and I'm already half way through it. I'm totally addicted. So go, read. I swear, you'll enjoy it. And if you don't, you can pretend to sue me.

Night guys.
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The asshole has now been dealt with. My mom sat me down today and made me tell her what was going on. It appears my sister-in-law called and squealed that something, she didn't know what, had happened and had me madder and more upset than she'd ever seen me. Anyway, my mom called up there and spoke to the asshat in question and, I'm not sure what all she said to him, but two and a half hours later, she brought me the phone and he apologized. In true CJ fashion, I hung up on him. Without ever saying a word.

ION - Do you guys remember the song that came out waaaay back when, back when I was a wee chillun, called Black Velvet. The singer's name escapes me, but she had this smokey, sexy voice. I remember some kind of controversy surrounding the song, but don't remember what that controversy was.

Anyway, I was coming home tonight, listening to my Lite Mix 99.9, and they played this song. Now, I've loved this song for probably 20 years, not sure of when it came out, but it could have been that long. Am I the only one that didn't know it was all about Elvis? It never ocurred to me, but tonight it clicked. *headdesk* I promised a headdesk moment, I delivered.

IOON - I've only seen 3 episodes of Veronica Mars so far, the last being the 3rd ep of season 1 where they do the memorial fountain for Lilly and everyone's remembering last year's Homecoming. But when I sat down on lunchbreak tonight at work and took up pen and paper to make a to-do list, this thing just came pouring out of me. Duncan/Logan, takes place the day after everyone stayed out all night for the Limo Party. OMG, and last night, this Dean/Sam thing came rushing out after trading comments with [ profile] darkhavens. For which I will love her forever, for she said something in her final comment on the thread that evoked a mental image that screamed to be written, and writ I did. Neither are completed, but I know exactly what I want to do to them, I even know exactly how to write them, I just don't have the time tonight. Eeek!! Me skeered.

Now I'm going to watch another episode of VM and then get some much needed sleep, as I must be back at work in 9 hours. Night all.

OH, and HUGE KISSES for [ profile] itsabigrock tonight. Let's all wish her the best and speediest recovery possible. Cause you know, you don't wanna have to be runnin' in slow motion when she's chasin' yo butts down the hotel halls when we get to Writercon. And you know she will. Hell, by then, the crutches (if she's still on them) will be outfitted with heat-and-asshat seeking projectile weaponry. And you do not want her kicking your ass, let me tell you that much.

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and other worldly news of no importance.

First the bad... )


And now for the good... )

In closing, I have a couple of requests. )

Um....I don't think there's anything else. If there is, I'll be spamming you. I'll be up for a while watching my shows. See you guys later. *smooch*

ETA: Sorry, I didn't realize I'd rambled on quite so much. LJ cuts have now been added to save my flist readers. If I'm on any, that is.

Oh God

Feb. 28th, 2006 09:36 pm
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Is it bad when you go to gak a meme called 10 Things That Make Me Happy, and you can't think of anything to write down?

I've come to the conclusion that my level of depression is based solely on how tired I am. It's now a little after 9:30pm and I've been exhaused since around 2:00. My level of depression has gone downhill ever since.

I am so tired of all the voices in my head (not the crazy insane voices, the other ones) telling me how no one really likes me, that I'll always be a humongous blimp and should just give up on losing weight, so many other things from I don't know how to save money to telling me that no one would really notice if I wan't around anymore. I've considered therapy, but a) I can't afford it, b) I wouldn't even begin to know how to go about finding a good therapist. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep and maybe never get up, but I'm forcing myself to pretend to be cheerful and pretend that I even give a crap whether I wake up in the morning.
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I've signed up over at The Great Write Meme. You'll find me on page 3 of the comments, if you so desire to go and see.

gakked from  )

ION - My week has not been great. It all started Friday night at work when my mother called to tell me that she needed to go to the emergency room. She'd had a fever and a bad cough for a few days, and when she went to go to bed that night, she couldn't get to sleep and started feeling a tightening in her chest which was making it difficult for her to breath. She hasn't had the best health for the last couple of years, so my first thought was 'heart attack'. Scared me so bad, I almost wrecked my car three times on the way home. Turns out she'd strained a muscle (or something like that) with all the coughing.

Was off over the weekend, but it went by much much too fast due to having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Monday, had a doctor's appointment with my general doctor that I'd completely forgotten about until about 20 minutes before I was supposed to be there. Had to call and let them know I was going to be late for work, again. My diet pills have started wearing off about halfway through the day. I thought my body was building up a resistance, and that still may be the case, but she just said to start taking 2 pills a day instead of one - one in the early morning, and another in the early evening.

Dental appointment was today. It was supposed to be the final appointment, but it turns out that the root canal I had two weeks ago this wednesday was completely unnecessary as the tooth can't be saved after all. When she removed the temporary filling and was filing around the edges to get it ready for the permanent filling and the crown, the tooth started crumbling. Great news for her, not so much for me. $945 later, my tooth is gone, and I have a temporary replacement tooth in now. In two weeks, I go back to get my permanent replacement. Oh yeah, because of all the extra work on my tooth, I wound up being late for work - AGAIN. I'm going to wind up getting fired, I know it. Luckily, I was smart enough to get notes from both doctors to turn in to the manager.

It's now almost 3:00 in the morning and I can't sleep because all the numbing agents they used in my mouth today are wearing off - AT THE SAME TIME - and it's an excruciating little pain party in there. Alcohol would be heaven, but can't have any because of meds I'm taking. Someone, somewhere, hates me with a passion that I can't even begin to imagine.

Oh yeah, we started scanning for voids tonight. Got almost the entire fiction section scanned (for those that don't know, the fiction section is the largest section in our store. We're talking hours of scanning). About 10pm tonight, we found out that we were scanning under the wrong program. Instead of Feb. Voids, we should have been scanning the March overstock. Too late to go back and start over, and we can't put the books back into the system. So we're screwed and behind schedule now. Greatness.

So, how's your week been thus far?
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It must say something about me that, when I first say the Johari thing pop up on my flist, my immediate thought was "Jacking off, what?"

So...I've been out of commission for a little over a week. Simple equation to explain that:

grinding teeth in sleep + tooth chipping off = exposed nerves, excruciating pain, and root canals.

My advice is, don't grind your teeth, boys and girls. It's a real pain.

Plus, I'm so glad that my regular dentist didn't do my root canal. They lower those seats waaay too close to the floor, and the last thing I want to be staring at for the better part of two hours is whatever's under those short shirts she wears.

Instead, she sent me to an endodontist. A very cute endodontist. A very muscular, slice of godhood endodontist. OMG. He was freaking gorgeous. And the best part? My head was pressed against his inner thigh for the better part of two hours. Needless to say, I'd have let him do the root canal without novocaine, shots, and gas, if only he'd have moved an inch or two to the right.

The worst part is that it's still not over. Got a temporary filling in for now, and no pain other than a slight ache now and then, but I have to go back and get a permanent filling and crown put in.

OMG, back to the very hawt endodontist for just a moment. Proof that I have verbal diarrhea when confronted by gorgeous men? He told me, after the procedure, that I may have some tenderness from having my jaws forced so wide open for that long. I swear to god, I tried not to say it, I did. I'll take any oath you want. But it just kinda popped out.

Dr.: You may feel a slight tenderness in your jaw from being forced so wide for that length of time.
Me: That's okay, I'm use to it. Only this time, it wasn't as much fun.

Two seconds later, I wanted to die of mortification. But I blame the gas, and the shot, and the novocaine.

I gathered the tattered shreds of my dignity then and left the room to go and find my walking checkbook (aka - mom).

In better news, I got my b-day gift from my mom, finally. I gots me a laptop.

It's a used Dell, from eBay, but it's still in great condition. It came with that funky windows 2000 professional, though. I hate that crap. So we went up to best buy and she bought me the XP program. So much better.

Unfortunately, I don't have the beginning of the Daniel/Xander crossover thing that I started, so I had to start something else on this while we're at my brother's house and I have no access to my PC at home. It's Xangel, but don't worry all you non-Xangel readers, remember who this is. It probably won't ever get finished.

I think that's about all as I'm very tired and want to sleep so badly. I actually went to lie down earlier after taking a pain pill for my back, but I woke up a little bit ago and decided to go ahead and post this.

I'll see you guys later. You may be getting spam tomorrow as I have to be here alone while the rest of the family go off to church.

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Today at work was just hell.

I got almost no sleep at all. For some reason, I kept waking up at every little noise. And that's just not like me. When I sleep, I sleep like the dead. No, I mean like the truly dead, not the bitten-and-will-rise-again kinda dead.

But, my keyboard works again.

[ profile] eternalmusings and [ profile] sam_gamgee, I owe you two a huge apology. I meant to get on MSN and chat tonight, I swear I did. But maybe you'll forgive me in a couple of days when you see why I couldn't.

I got involved in a yahoo chat with [ profile] spikedluv and [ profile] truly_tazi and got such a neat little bunny from a comment that [ profile] spikedluv made. I don't wanna jinx it by talking about it, but it's really looking good, I think. I just hope you guys like Human AU's.

Another wierd thing about tonight?

Remember the email I spoke of last night, rejecting my application for a promotion at work? Well, I didn't get a chance to speak to the manager today, he was too busy on conference calls, but tonight I got the oddest email. It was an announcement letting me know that a job had been posted for an Assistant General Manager at our Daphne location and that it matched my criteria and they wanted me to apply for it.

The position I was just rejected for was for a Co-Manager job.

The wierd part comes in because you CAN'T be Assistant General Manager without first being a Co-Manager. It's completely against policy. You're not even allowed to apply for Ass. Manager until you've been a Co-Manager for at least 6 months. So, what I want to know is, wtf were they thinking? Are they torturing me?

This, to me, just smacks of disrespect to your employees and truly lets me know once and for all what this company thinks of us.

But, I will be speaking to the General Manager tomorrow. Phone calls be damned, he will make time for me.

My Day

Dec. 3rd, 2005 02:47 pm
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Today was pretty eventful. My Aunt Denise is down for a visit and we went out to the orphange where she grew up for the reunion. I didn't think we'd have fun, but we did. I found it interesting to visit all the places where she used to stay.

In other news, I finally found my Smallville season 4 dvds. I'd bought them when they first came out, then lost them. Been searching for them ever since. They were still in the bag and, for some reason, under my bed. I brought them downstairs to watch and promptly discovered that I had no clue what was going on. Seems that I forgot to watch the last two discs of season 3. I could have sworn I was all caught up. Yeah, I know, I feel like an idiot.

Message to [ profile] byakuganchick: A certain manager at work needs an LJ name. I told him about psuedomanagerlady, and he was asking about what his name was. That's when it ocurred to me that he didn't have one. We need to remidy that. Actually, now that I think of it, none of our current managers have nifty names, except Red, and I can't remember hers.

Bye ya'll, going to watch cute guy. I hope he gets the spandex in season 4. I bet Tom Welling would look so fine in Spandex.

Meanwhile, I found these images of the next Superman, Brandon Routh, in Superman Returns.

4 images )


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